Assignment: Choose one topic about Japanese anime unified around a character, theme, or concept. You will use Psycho-Pass as an example, but you may add anime assigned in or outside the course. You want your paper to reveal a typical characteristic of Japanese anime and to comment on one specific topic in Japanese anime. You can focus on various ways:

Narrative style/visual style/cinematic style of Japanese anime
Commercial/cultural/historical background linked with Japanese anime
Gender/Sex/Sexuality represented in Japanese anime
The relationship between imagination/reality as well as technology/humanity
Requirement: The paper should be 7 pages in length (citations and footnotes not included), written in MLA format (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, 1-inch margin), with a works cited page.

A good paper will:

Include at least Psycho-Pass (6%), 1 article from assigned reading list (3%), and 1 outside academic source (2%)
Fulfill requirement: page-length (6%); format and work cited page (3%)
Offer a clear thesis and focus on why Psycho-Pass can be an example that defined a specific characteristic of Japanese anime (5%)
Support generalizations with remembered detail and evidence (5%)

I put 3 sources down, one of them being the anime Psycho-Pass itself, the second source being one of the two articles attached (NOT INCLIUDING THE FILE NAMED W2, that file is just some notes), the third source being an outside academic source.

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