515 Build up assignment

This is a build up research assignment.. Each week there has been something to do to further the research on public relations department. I have a couple of assignments that may needa little tweaking but I have some that are not even done yet. You may have to complete them based on that weeks criteria and my topic. I will upload the weekly assignments and how the final paper is supposed to look like. I will also upload the work that has already been completed. The example paper and my paper have similar topics so it may be similar.

The broad topic I would like to talk about is importance of relationships between worker and clients in business.. You can relate throughout the paper how this is important through what I want my career to be (work in public relations either in the wnba or for nike) and just the importance of it in general.. I will also attach each weeks assignment guidelines to help! The final assignment will consist of 23% of my grade and is considered as my final…

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