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GOV 312L, US Foreign Policy 1. Describe the crisis involving migrants at the border of Belarus and Poland. How has Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, used refugees from the Middle East as weapons against Poland and the European Union?
2. How did the presidential election in Belarus lead to a deterioration in relations between Belarus and Western governments in the EU and the United States? Why do EU countries view authoritarian Belarus as threatening to democracy and why does Lukashenko view European governments as an existential threat to his power? What role does Russian president Vladimir Putin play in this relationship?
3. Why does mass migration from war-torn countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria threaten stability in European democracies and exacerbate conflict between the political right and left within these countries? How does the legacy of previous immigration policies and Brexit factor into this dynamic? 4. What, if anything, should the United States do to help resolve this crisis? What should be done for migrants who are trapped as instruments of hybrid conflict between Belarus and Poland?

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