Describe the 24 proceses in the Planning Process Group according to the PMBOK® Guide. Describe the approach to planning that you would adopt if you were the project Manager for a complex software development project. Justify your approach and explain how differently you would approach the planning process if this was a construction project.

“The Planning Process Group (PPG) consists of 24 processes that establish the project management plan listing the total scope of a project’s objectives and is used to develop the course of action and documents required to attain those objectives (PMBOK, 2017, p.566). In addition, the 24 processes are taken from each knowledge area to outline the strategy and tactics to complete the project, identify risks that are not visible upfront and document how to execute all the processes in the project (PMBOK, 2017, 566).

According to PMBOK (2017, p.567-594), the 24 processes are:

1. Develop Project Management Plan –

2. Plan Scope Management

3. Collect Requirements

4. Define Scope

5. Create WBS

6. Plan Schedule Management

7. Define Activities

8. Sequence Activities

9. Estimate Activity Durations

10. Develop Schedule

11. Plan Cost Management

12. Estimate Costs

13. Determine Budget

14. Plan Quality Management

15. Plan Resource Management

16. Estimate Activity Resources

17. Plan Communications Management

18. Plan Risk Management

19. Identify Risks

20. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

21. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

22. Plan Risk Responses

23. Plan Procurement Management

24. Plan Stakeholder Engagement

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